Originally, the Oshkosh Logging Tool Company was founded in 1887 to serve the bustling logging and sawmill operations of the time. As one of the largest sawmill towns in the country, Oshkosh and the surrounding logging communities had a tremendous appetite for tough logging tools that could get the job done right.

The Oshkosh Tools brand of pole-line construction tools was introduced in 1904 and a host of other purpose-built products have been added since that time. Oshkosh Tools has a reputation among loggers, linemen and utility workers as tools of uncompromising quality that prove their value through performance in the field.

To this day Oshkosh Tools are manufactured from raw hardwood and forged steel. The one-at-a-time craftsmanship of hand forging, heat-treating and hand assembling are steps no longer used in the manufacture of most products of their kind. But then again, you won’t find tools of this quality anywhere else in the world.

Today, Oshkosh Tools are professional-grade tools used in many industries and are preferred by more purchasing agents and field workers than any other brand for their durability and lasting value. When you’re looking for tools to serve the electrical, logging, tree service, power utility, excavating, landscaping, construction or plumbing industries look to Oshkosh Tools to provide tools of uncompromising quality.