Our Cant Hooks are made with hard maple handles and high-carbon steel hooks which are heat treated for strength and durability.

The hook stop is designed to prevent the hook from falling back and damaging the handle.

In addition to our standard line of Cant Hooks we offer models that handle smaller size poles.

Any hook can be placed on any handle

Our # 5 and # 7 Hooks are used to handle smaller size poles. Sockets, Clasps, Clips and Toe Rings are made of high-grade Malleable Iron which is light in weight yet strong.

Swivel Point Cant Hooks

Designed not to scar the pole. The hook teeth are actually two pointed plates which are securely held by a bolt. Because of this bolt, the toothed plates can swivel. This means if one point cannot penetrate the pole because of a knot or some other defect, the plate will swivel and allow the other point to penetrate. The teeth on the toe ring encourage a tight grip on a wide range of pole diameters.

Cant Hooks are not to be used as wedge or pry bars nor should you use additional means of leverage. Always remember, wooden handles may break – only one person per cant hook and use with caution. Flexing handles in a perpendicular direction of the grain may cause handle fracture and result in personal injury.