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Pike Poles were designed to aid the person in the field using pole line tools. Pike Poles are used to pike or support a pole when setting in the field. The pike is made of special steel made of one piece with upset face which will take the force of the end thrust and distribute it over the entire end of the handle. The ferrule is made of malleable iron. A rivet runs completely through the ferrule, handle and pike to further secure them.

Ash pike poles are lightweight, stiff and strong, and nicely shaped and sanded. The poles measure 1-5/8" in diameter at their thickest point and taper to a knob at the end.

Fir pike poles are 2-1/2" in diameter at the center, tapering to 2" on both ends. This gives strength in the middle, where it is needed. The end remains 2" in diameter at the end making the pole lighter and easier to grip.

Aluminum pike poles are almost 50% lighter than poles made of wood, and stronger than the best grade ash. They are easier to handle and enable the logger to do a job more efficiently and with less effort.

2" or 2-1/2" pike poles can be furnished with a point guard. The guard works easily and fashions securely in either the guarded or open position. When in the guarded position, it automatically locks in place and provides protection from the pike point.

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