Skidding Tongs

Skidding Tongs are made of round high-carbon steel and have heavy up-set, hammer-forged points or hooks. High carbon steel is noted for its stiffness and extra strength. The sides are flattened evenly where they pivot. This gives a larger bearing surface and allows for the pivot to be shorter and of a larger diameter.

The tongs are shaped so that a good grip is obtained on straddled logs and poles. The hooks are heat treated to resist straightening. The tongs are made with ring only.

NOTE: Skidding Tongs are not load rated and should not be used for overhead lifting.

TONGS 384A 1″ X 16″  SKIDDING TONG W/RING 8 # Not rated 16″
384B 1″ X 21″ SKIDDING TONG W/RING 10 # Not rated 21″
384 1″ X 24″ SKIDDING TONG W/RING 14 # Not rated 24″
385 1-1/8″ X 32″  SKIDDING TONG W/RING 22 # Not rated 32″
386 1-1/4″ X 36″ SKIDDING TONG W/RING 31 # Not rated 36″

Rated Timber Lifting Tongs

Oshkosh Tools has introduced three sizes of Load-Rated Lifting Tongs. Lifting tongs are signified by yellow color and are capable of lifting up to 2500 and 5000 lbs. depending on the model – see chart below.

All units are tested per ASTM B 30.20 Р1999,each unit is tagged with rated load and serial number. Test data is supplied with each tong. Tags must remain on units at all times. Warranty is void if tag is removed or tampered with. Only lifting tongs are rated for lifting however you should never stand below a load because wood could fracture causing the load to fall.

384AL 1″ X 16″ LIFTING TONGS W/RING (LOAD RATED) 8 # Rated 16″
384L 1″ X 24″ LIFTING TONGS W/RING (LOAD RATED) 14 # Rated 24″
386L 1-1/4″ X 36″ LIFTING TONGS W/RING (LOAD RATED) 31 # Rated 36″
Rated Load Limit
Tool Opening 75° 135° 180°
384AL 2500 2000 1500
384L 2500 2000 1500
386L 5000 4000 3000