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Crow and Digging Bars have a 2" chisel on one end and a point on the other end. This product is used primarily for splitting or separating wood, concrete or metal forms.

Round Tamp and Digging Bars have a 2" chisel on one end and a malleable iron tamper on the opposite end.

The Digging Spud with Tamper is the preferred digging tool. The digging spud is made from 1" steel pipe for easy gripping, is well-balanced and easy to use. The 3-1/2" blade is hammer forged with high-carbon steel, press-fitted and welded onto the pipe.

Digging Bars are designed for common digging applications where no tamper is required.

All Oshkosh Digging Bars are constructed with high carbon steel to resist bending. Hardness ratings are strictly monitored to prevent the blade edges from chipping and to maintain sharpness of the blade edges and points.

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